Level One: Novice

Upon joining, each member will automatically begin at the Novice Level. To promote to the next level, the Novice must earn 3 badges. There will be multiple opportunities to earn badges. Multiple badges can be earned in one meeting. The type of badges earned, determine which path can be chosen once at the Beginner Level.

Required To Move Up

Three badges- at least two from one STEAM Area of study.

Ways To Earn Badges

  • Provide a copy of your report card or interim report.
  • Scientist- Complete an experiment at home using the Scientific Method and share your results at a club meeting.
  • Scientist- Complete a group experiment using the scientific method during a club meeting.
  • Engineer & Technician – Build a working machine and demonstrate at a club meeting or design a machine that solves a real world problem and present it at a club meeting.
  • Engineer – Participate in an engineering project during a club meeting.
  • Technician – Participate in a technology project during a club meeting.
  • Artist- Complete an art project at home and present it at a club meeting.
  • Artist- Participate in an Art Project during a club meeting.
  • Mathematician- Create a 3D model and demonstrate it at a club meeting.
  • Mathematician- Participate in a math project during a club meeting.


Level Two: Beginner


To pass the this level the Beginner must earn a key.

The Key will be used to unlock the next level.

Required To Move Up

Solve at least 3 Problems

Problems To Solve

  • These two (2) things come together to make one; one is full of energy, while the other has none.
  • Made of three (3) particles, these are the basic units of matter and defining structure of elements.
  • What do these five (5) things have uniquely in common?
    • Sugar
    • Atmosphere
    • Water
    • Rocks
    • Soil
  • What is the source of energy for animals?
  • Name three (3) sources of energy for machines.



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