Hey Parents! It’s Time To Do The Math!

Problem solving is a critical 21st Century skill and Gastonia middle schoolers are being left behind. The performance of Gaston County Schools (GCS) students on recent standardized tests is evidence of the need to strengthen science and mathematics education. The 1,807 students… Read More

Kamarah’s Guide to Straight A’s

We used to have a royal blue punch buggy. We loved that car. My daughter loved it more than I did. It broke down and rather than get it fixed, we got a new car. My daughter never quite got over it…. Read More

A Letter To Parents

Dear Parents, The mere fact that you are reading this letter is proof that you value your child’s education. At the eSTEAM Club we take education seriously, too. We are passionate about cultivating a love for life long learning. We want to… Read More

Project Based Learning

I am not an educator, but I love to learn

How to become a scientist in 7 easy steps

A scientist is an individual who uses the scientific method. To be a scientist, you simply need to follow these steps…

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