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Over the past 2 years we have provided over 500 hours of customized Project Based STEAM learning to more than forty students in Gaston County… And we’ve never repeated an activity. From this experience, we have developed activities, resources, and customizable themed curriculum which we offer as an enhancement for existing programs.

Our program is currently being implemented at the following institutions:

Dream Center Academy – Dream Center Gaston County


What We Deliver

We deliver a comprehensive project based STEAM learning program that links what children are learning in school to the real-world and increases children’s aptitude for Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math.

We provide information and resources necessary to prepare students for educational or career advancement. We even provide materials for all activities.

To ensure successful implementation of the program, we train facilitators and provide regular professional development opportunities for program staff and administrators.

We Are Here To Make A Difference

While there are many STEM based curriculum and activities available to implement in after school programs, our research has found the majority of these programs to be expensive, require hours of additional planning and research, do not include project materials, don’t offer facilitator training, and are not comprehensive.

Our unique service is designed for programs that have limited full-time staff, resources, or planning time.

Our program is set apart by our ability to customize to meet the specific needs of the students in your program. We help you to identify the strengths and interests of your students so that you can maximize the benefits. We have integrated career exploration through “Career Profiles” which are generated according to the expressed interests of your students. In addition, using themes, like Spy School, we tie into real-world problems and applications.

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