Kamarah’s Guide to Straight A’s

We used to have a royal blue punch buggy. We loved that car. My daughter loved it more than I did. It broke down and rather than get it fixed, we got a new car. My daughter never quite got over it. It’s been five years and she still asks me at least once a month, “can we get a punch buggy?”.

This year, she asked me if I would buy her a red convertible when she turns 16. I told her that I would do even better; if she made Straight A’s from now until she’s 16, I’d buy her a red convertible punch buggy.

Her response, ” For that long!”  🙂 ha. The truth is, she’s a straight A student, but she’s a lazy straight A student; meaning, she doesn’t put forth a lot of effort to make good grades. My goal is to convince her to become more disciplined and to develop good study habits. As long as she’s consistent and puts forth her best effort, I’d give her the world.

Besides, she’s only ten… what are the odds she’ll hold me to a six year old promise anyway? 😉

Anyway, I’m only putting this out here because I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t create a slide deck to motivate her… and how else could I embarrass her unless I put it on the internet for the entire world to see?

All jokes aside, I hope you can use these tips and tricks to help motivate your kids, or at least to get some good study habits from them. I snagged these from  psychcentral and education corner. Good Luck!

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