A Letter To Parents

Dear Parents,

The mere fact that you are reading this letter is proof that you value your child’s education. At the eSTEAM Club we take education seriously, too. We are passionate about cultivating a love for life long learning. We want to partner with your family on this educational journey.

Someone once said, “the only thing constant is change”. With new technological innovations, seemingly daily, some skills can quickly become obsolete. Remember keyboarding? We understand that to be successful in the 21st Century will require us to be flexible. That’s why the ability to think critically, learn new concepts, and adapt quickly to new technologies will never get old.

The eSTEAM Club is one of a kind with its unique combination of a project based learning (PBL) model and gaming concepts strictly focused on science, technology, engineering, art, and math. The club was established to provide a safe and fun environment where children can immerse themselves into a world of discovery.

It’s our belief that children learn best through play; therefore, the club encourages learning by featuring customized gaming concepts. Each meeting will avail the opportunity to earn badges, keys, quest clues, and other incentives which they can use to level-up. At the end of each quest, will be a  team based competition for a grand prize.

Our programs are based on a PBL model which will allow your child to collaborate with others on projects while investigating new innovations, applying mathematical concepts, and exploring careers in the STEAM fields.

To help your child hone their skills in areas where they are especially interested/gifted, they will also be invited to join “secret” societies, like the Mad Scientists where they can learn more about chemistry or the SFX Society where they can practice special effects.

For more information, please call (980) 251-0414

I hope to see you there!



Ciera Mack

Founder, eSTEAM Club

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