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Project Based Learning

Why Register?

Why Register?

Find out how the eSTEAM Club can make a difference.

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I am not an educator, but I love to learn and I also enjoy a good project every now and then.

There are key elements to any project:

  1. Identifying what you’re going to do,
  2. Planning how you’ll get it done,
  3. Planning what you’ll do if something goes wrong,
  4. Doing the work, and of course
  5. Posting the results to Social Media


Identifying what you’re going to do…

The great part about being in the eSTEAM Club is kids will get a chance to choose which projects they want to engage in.

They’ll obtain real life experience by managing projects that impact their community.

Planning how you’ll get it done…

Kids will get an opportunity to use critical thinking skills to develop creative solutions to complex problems.

Planning what you’ll do if something goes wrong

Problem Solving skills are essential (full stop). You can’t always prevent things from going wrong, but you can try to prepare for when they do. Learning problem solving skills early in life can help kids to become effective leaders in the future.

Doing the work – real world experience

The best part! The highest reward.

Engaging your child in real world projects helps them to learn using all 5 senses and helps to develop that 6th sense… intuition.

Real world experience could lead to

  • Self motivation
  • Increased cognitive ability
  • Love of learning
  • Better grades in school

Posting the results to Social Media

It’s not just bragging…

Children should be proud of their work and they need to know that others are proud of them, too.

We’ll celebrate their accomplishments, big and small, because they are never insignificant.PBL

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